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Nektulos Forest Pok Stone
Posted less than a week ago
by Tayon 1 reply
Divine Aura Bug Still Buggin
Posted today, at 12:53pm
by Maultar 2 replies
Hot Zones
Sometimes Accursed Temple of Cazic-Thule
Howling Stones
Crystal Caverns
Dulak's Harbor
Echo Caverns
East Commonlands
Field of Bone
Lake Rathetear
Mons Letalis
Lesser Faydark
Castle Mistmoore
The Crypt of Nadox
Northern Desert of Ro
Mines of Nurga
The Paludal Caverns
Old Sebilis
Sirens Grotto
Southern Desert of Ro
Takish-Hiz: Shifting Tower
The Deepshade
Log Updates
Congdar: Wizard bots are a little more blast friendly
Congdar: Yendrik Epione coin fix
Patrikpatrik: Updated ladderboards update.
Patrikpatrik: Ladder page update for January 1st restart.