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Posted 5 days ago, at 5:12pm
by Errakk 1 reply
Playing monk and Bot's damage s...
Posted 4 days ago, at 5:06pm
by Vlade 2 replies
Hot Zones
Iceclad Ocean
Kithicor Woods
Lake of Ill Omen
Lavastorm Mountains
The Maiden's Eye
The Crypt of Nadox
The Paludal Caverns
Qeynos Hills
The Caverns of Exile
Takish-Hiz: Shifting Tower
Toxxulia Forest
Velketor's Labrynth
Log Updates
Congdar: fix cleric cheal logic
Congdar: fixed Alrik Farsight
Patrikpatrik: Updated ladderboards update.
== 1/01/2024==
Patrikpatrik: Ladder restart for January 1st.