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Angelox: Doors database update.
Patrikpatrik: Addition of Thanksgiving Event to the Special Events section.
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Rest In Peace Brad McQuaid

Posted on Thursday, November 21, 2019 by patrikpatrik

I can't believe this. He passed away yesterday evening and I didn't know about it until today.

I am speechless. He was virtually the epitome of the entire Everquest legacy and to many many people, at least to our EQ community, he was considered as one of the true visionaries to the world of mmorpgs. He was fairly young as well and caught many of us by surprise. I hope Pantheon will continue to stay the course as he always wanted it.

I truly believe Everquest set the bedrock foundations to the world of the massively multiplayer online role playing games as we see today. He didn't just bring Norrath together. He brought together people from all over the world, new friends, old friends, families, but most importantly, changed the video gaming industry forever back in 1999.

Sometimes I wonder why I keep coming back to this wonderful game even after two decades, maybe because it's that special. Thank you Brad for giving us the opportunity to play.

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Thanksgiving event is up and running!!!

Posted on Sunday, November 17, 2019 by aardil

Thanksgiving Event is scheduled.
Starting Nov. 17th through Nov. 30th

You will need to download and overwrite the following update.
The following is a 7z file it contains 3 files that need to be expanded and placed in your EQ folder if you did not do this last year.
Be sure you over write the existing files.
These files work on both Titanium and Underfoot.
Basically they are files needed so the NPC's show up as they should and not the generic human model.


This event is open to all players of any level. This is a group style event (NO Raids allowed).
The event is repeatable so you can get a reward and talk to Farmer Glumr again and do the event ov... more

Sleepers Tomb is open

Posted on Tuesday, September 10, 2019 by aardil

As the title says the revamp of sleepers tomb is now complete.
Items of note:
You must obtain a key to enter sleepers tomb. I will leave that up to you as where to get one.
Once you enter sleepers, everything is set to Kerafyrm is alive and sleeping in his chamber and the 4 warder dragons are up.
If you kill all 4 warders in a day, Kerafrym will wake up, and begin its trek to zone in killing anyone in its path unless it is on the same faction as him. There are a few mobs he wont kill but most are toast.
This is the secret to the warders. Kill only 3 and either go kill other stuff in the zone or leave the zone and come back tommorrow. When the server resets (daily about 3:30 am) the counter resets and you can kill 3 more warders without waking Kerafrym.
If you wake kerafrym, the the mobs will change, the warders become the ancients and kerafrym will be gone forever to you.
Key word is for you.
Any new player entering the zone will have the zo... more


Posted on Sunday, July 21, 2019 by patrikpatrik

As per Server Rules, Try to refrain from using any 3rd party programs that gives extra data information about entity's health or zone info etc... as this causes unpredictable behaviour to the client as well as the data being saved becoming corrupt over time. This can cause intermittent errors when grouped and/or in raid formation for the user.

In the worst case scenario, oftentimes the account associated with it becomes so permanently corrupt with garbage values that restoring the account is no longer an option. When this occurs there is nothing that can be done to get your account back. Please be careful!

15th Ladder Season

Posted on Monday, July 1, 2019 by patrikpatrik

Six months has gone by and another ladder season has come to a close. Unfortunately there weren't any winners this time but there might be one or two for the next season. Create a new character on or after July 1st to get started! Along the way receive rewards for each milestone, all the way up to level 65.

Check -here-, the ladder page, or talk to Champion Darkwater in your city for more information. This time, those who reach level 65 will also receive a manastone! This ladder will end on December 31st and restart on January 1st, 2020. Have a scorching summer.

Happy 2019!

Posted on Wednesday, January 2, 2019 by patrikpatrik

Happy new year folks. Sorry for the little delay. Ladder page is refreshed for 2019 and Champion Darkwater has been calibrated (I mean debriefed!) for 2019.

For those who just joined, it's a friendly competition to track how far in levels one can achieve before the ladder resets in 6 months much like the ladder system in Diablo 2. What's that? You don't know what Diablo 2 is?! Ohhhh nevermind~.

Anyway, these ladder rankings started on January 1st and will end on July 1st of this year. Simply create a character to participate and also the rewards page can be viewed -here- for more details.