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Elaborate Defiant Silk Robe
Posted 2 days ago, at 11:34pm
by mwombat77 2 replies
Hot Zones
Butcherblock Mountains
Nobles' Causeway
The City of Mist
West Commonlands
Temple of Droga
East Freeport
Grieg's End
Grimling Forest
Kithicor Woods
Kurn's Tower
Lesser Faydark
The Nektulos Forest
Western Plains of Karana
Swamp Of No Hope
Takish-Hiz: River of Recollection
Toxxulia Forest
The Umbral Plains
Log Updates
Congdar: test Blade of Walnan for petgear
Congdar: Fix Priest of Discord Bloodfield Spells quest
Patrikpatrik: Updated ladderboards update.
== 1/01/2024==
Patrikpatrik: Ladder restart for January 1st.