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Congdar: more updates to pet/bot run speed
Congdar: increase proximity of bot epic vendor controller
Angelox: Updated Windows executables, added database update with updater.
Angelox: Updated ax_classic database (clean copy). ...Database
Patrikpatrik: Ladder reset for 2021.
Patrikpatrik: Reverted to Rathe server stats only for now. ...Web
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Happy 2021!

Posted on Thursday, December 31, 2020 by patrikpatrik

Hope you guys are staying warm and hunkered down these days. It's been a crazy 2020 indeed! The Ladder rankings have been reset for January's start. Anyone who wants to begin now on New Year's Eve may do so. Good luck and Be safe!

Thanksgiving event is up and running for 2020

Posted on Monday, November 2, 2020 by aardil

Thanksgiving Event starting Nov. 2nd through Nov. 30th

You will need to download and overwrite the following update if you did not do this last year.
The following is a 7z file it contains 3 files that need to be expanded and placed in your EQ folder.

Be sure you over write the existing files.
These files work on both Titanium and Underfoot.
Basically they are files needed so the NPC's show up as they should and not the generic human model.
This is the updated zip file as of 11-14-20


This event is open to all players of any level. This is a group style event (NO Raids allowed).
The event is repeatable so you can get a reward and talk to Far... more

RatheUK Players are now added to the Ladder page

Posted on Monday, October 19, 2020 by Angelox

PatrikPatrik has managed to combine the ladder members on RatheUK with members from Rathe here-
So Rathe UK players can now observe status and progress on the ladder.

RatheUK back up and running

Posted on Saturday, October 3, 2020 by Angelox

The RatheUK server is back to normal again, happy gaming!

No more "Classic Everquest" crashes and freeze-ups

Posted on Thursday, October 1, 2020 by Angelox

Thanks to Congdars coding and all you players that helped out with the bug reports, they are pretty much history. I haven't seen a zone crash in weeks and don't expect any either.

I remember kiting Hill Giants in South Karana back in EQs young days - The goal was to shoot hundreds of arrows tell after a good long time (hours), he would drop. It would work, provided I didn't go link-dead. when I went link-dead, I usually came back to a corpse :). Back then, an HG was not something to solo.


Minor updates to front webpage

Posted on Wednesday, August 5, 2020 by patrikpatrik

It's been a while since the front page had any maintenance done. The Axclassic Atlas link was moved up top to the menubar next to Ladder. The Guides link was moved to the left column.

*Removed database link as it was already redirected months ago. Zone info can always be found daily in HotZones window.
*Dedicated Guides section left column.
*Color correction on some pages.
*Updated forum guides in Guides & secure links.