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Location Key
1 Temple of Rallos Zek with Statue of Rallos Zek who drops Breastplate of Eradication, Cloak of Falling Stars, Hammer of Battle, Iron Scroll of War, Reaver, Swiftblade of Zek, and Armorers of Zek
1a Derakor the Vindicator who drops Boots of the Vindicator, Chestplate of Vindication, Living Thunder Earring
2 Protectors of Zek
3 Arena, Avatar of War appears here when Statue of Rallos Zek killed drops Blade of Carnage, Flayed Barbarian Hide Mask, Helmet of Rallos Zek, Ring of Destruction, War Bow of Rallos Zek, Merchant selling tickets and Food
4 Noble Building - Merchants selling Food and Drink and Alcohol, also Wenglawks Kkeak and Noble Helssen
5 Slaggak the Trainer
6 Merchants selling Othmir Hide Armor, Drakkel Weapons, Frozen Flower, and Dwarf Bone Toothpick
7 Commoner Building
8 Ramp Area
9 Commoner Building
10 Bank, Merchant selling Drakkel Forged Armor, Captain Bvellos who drops Glimmering Mithril Torque, Glowing Black Sword, and Staff Sergeant Drizoc
11 Iceshard Keep
12 King Tormax's Throne Room with King Tormax who drops Axe of the Kromzek Kings, Boots of the Storm, Crown of the Kromzek Kings, The Horn of Hsagra, Ring of Lightning, Velium Encrusted Gauntlets, White Dragon Scale Sash, Wrist Guard of Thunder
13 Bank, Merchant selling Spell Components, Bard Quest NPC
14 Keldor Dek'Torek who drops Orb of Infinite Void, Shaman and Helm Quest NPC's
Hall between 13 and 14 has all other Kael Armor Quest NPC's

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