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Location: Network of caverns very deep below the surface of Luclin
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The Deep

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Adjacent Zones: Echo Caverns, Ssraeshza Temple
Level of Monsters: 50-60
Types of Monsters: Mushrooms, Outcasts, Fungusbeasts, Thought Leeches, Razorfiends
Notable NPC's: The Burrower Beast, Deklean Korgad, Koiorx the Imperceptible, Thought Horror Overfiend
Unique Items: Unknown
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor


The Deep is an especially deep network of caverns on Luclin, which is rumored to be very deadly.


There is a deep Abyss, a pit of unfathomable depth, deep within this network of caverns. There is a large bridge that passes over this, however the bridge is an illusion, and stepping on it will lead to a very nasty (and likely lethal) fall to the bottom of the Abyss.



Travelling To and From The Deep

The entrance to the Deep is through the southern section in Echo Caverns.

The Deep connects to Ssraeshza Temple through a passage deep within it. Although the passage itself is not one way, shortly into the Temple you will pass through a one-way door and not be able to go back to the Deep.

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