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Questing your Cleric's Temperance Spell

by angelox

You should still be on boat, with fresh levitate and SOW, FACE SOUTH now run due south across the water. If you do this from the door of the boat you may hit the black rock cliffs. Stear a little left just enough to clear the rock.

When you get close to Gunthak beach INVIS your group. [note: remind your group to clear all forage buttons and combat buttons activated by directional arrows, yeah we had someone disable his invis by forgetting] Stick to right side of zone, ship wreck wall is on right HUG THE WALL if your invis fails KEEP RUNNING DO NOT STOP you are going to end up bringing a train of about (no kidding) 40-60 mobs to the dulak zone. This is not a big issue but be courteous and shout the warning.

AS you hug the right side of zone continue to head SOUTH until you see the cave entrance, always, always stick to all right veins in the cave. Just keep running you will see a bunch of mobs just keep going stick to the right the cave opens up for a minute and you continue to run SOUTH thru the ogre town. You will see a Canyon guarded by two ogres on either side of Canyon. Keep heading SOUTH. You will zone into dulak.

Now is where I skip the bull, you can read the story if you like but this is the min. required:


YOU: WHAT PLACE? npc: whatever...

YOU: WHAT KNIGHTS? npc: whatever...

YOU: GIVE "A DEEPWATER EMBLEM npc: gives you "ALINA'S EMBLEM" (note: lookes exactly like "a deepwater emblem")

NOTE: I found the female spirit @ -1100, -1010. But if you read the whole thread you can see the spirit could pop anywhere on the beach.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I do NOT know how you get back up to the boat to get back if you do not have levitate, so make sure you FLY!!! Hope this helps.