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Recommended files
classicg.zip - Adds dock extensions, access to zones, and more.
client_mapsc.zip - Fixes map viewing when pressing 'm' during game.
Note: If downloads aren't working, make sure you are logged in Forums. You can register in Forums here.
-Server Rules-
Play classic Everquest but with bots, lots of bots! Have a full bot group by level 10 and up to 64 bots by level 65.
At level 46, you are eligible to form bot raids and to go places you only dreamed of!
Unlock extra bots by questing for them. You may also do Epic quests for your bots, hunt gear, customize, and spawn them at your leisure.
Participate in the ladder rankings anytime you wish!
The following activities are not allowed:
  • Kill stealing
  • Powerleveling lower characters
  • Harrassing other people
  • Ninjalooting
  • Cheating by exploits
  • "MQ" or Multi-Questing
  • The other "MQ" or MacroQuest
  • Other 3rd party programs/software
Have fun, but remember: We take cheating here very seriously and will not tolerate those who do.
If GMs suspect any actions or situations in question, your character will be closely monitored and information logged.
If you believe your IP has been blacklisted erroneously, contact server admin here.

How to connect to the Rathe Server?

Please Note: The most common errors for client instability are zone crashes, random disconnects, and using 3rd party software. Also, if you're using EQEmu client and having issues, try a clean installation by following the steps below. This checklist should save you from future frustrations and headaches down the line.

  1. To connect to the Rathe Server, Click 'Register' in menu bar above to make an Everquest Login account. Then click here if you would like to register for Forums to leave bugs/feedback/etc.

  2. Make sure Titanium or Underfoot client is freshly installed.

  3. Edit the file eqhost.txt located in the root directory of Everquest to look like this:

    For Titanium clients:
    For Underfoot clients:
  4. Locate eqgame.exe then create a shortcut to your desktop. Right click the shortcut and click on 'properties'. In the shortcut tab, look for Target and add "patchme" (without quotes) in the Target tab. It should look something like this:
    c:\everquest\eqgame.exe patchme 
  5. Move these files to a Backup folder in Everquest Directory to prevent falling through certain zones:
    • lavastorm.eqg
    • nektulos.eqg
  6. Strongly recommended: To see extended docks and be able to use the ship, download classicg.zip and unzip to your Everquest directory, overwrite if needed. Example:
    Other improvements include access caves to Hollowshade Moor, Mines of Gloomingdeep, piers to Ocean of Tears, Halls of Honor, and more.

  7. Strongly Recommended: To enable EQ Atlas Maps in game when you press 'm', download client_mapsc.zip and unzip to your Everquest maps directory, overwrite if needed. Example:

  8. Optional: For a classic sound experience, move these following files to a backup folder:
    • combattheme1.mp3
    • combattheme2.mp3
    • eqtheme.mp3
    • deaththeme.mp3
  9. Optional: To go to options, do NOT run OptionsEditor.exe or you will see
    ERROR: String not found
    Don't panic, you can access Options within eqgame.exe in the menu.

  10. Run the eqgame.exe shortcut, login with your account from step #1, and enjoy!

Final Note: Do not run everquest.exe at any time. If you do, you will have to re-install your client because this installs Everquest Live.