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Druid/Wizard Gate and Bard Selos Quests

by angelox

Druid/Wizard Gates are obtained after you complete the Norrath Adventurer's quest. There are three quests which will open up three sets of gate spells. Each quest will require you explore six dungeons and retrieve the six gems needed for a combine into a trophy he gives you. For example, the first quest:

Norrath Adventurer says, "On my first trip, I visited Befallen, Crushbone, Warrens, Upper Guk, Najena, and Blackburrow. I would highly recommend you visit them as well. In fact, as a fellow traveler, I will give you something nice if you do. Collect a gem from each of these areas, and add them to my trophy. Once it is completed, return the Trophy of the Traveler to me for your reward. Would you like my trophy?"

After you turn in the completed trophy, he will reward your two Moonstones:

Norrath Adventurer says,"Take these Moonstones to the Spell Scriber for your reward."

When you turn in the two stones to the Spell Scriber, she will flag your first set of gate/port spells. On the first turn in, she will return the Moonstones to you, as they double up for bind and gate-to-bind stones.

Bard Bot's Selos quest will require you do a classic "mail run" (remember those?). You need to retrieve mail for the Highkeep Bard, Lislia Goldtune. Lislia will reward you and give you a note; Guardian of the Roses, you should deliver it to the Spell scriber:

Lislia Goldtune says,"Take this note and show it to Anita Thrall, she will provide you with Bard Speed - Keep the note, as we may later need you for another errand when we hear of the whereabouts of Natalia."

Natalia quest is not done yet.