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125 characters have been created since July 1st.
Previous ladder season had 88 characters created!

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Ladder Intro
Each ladder season lasts for 6 months and starts January 1st and July 1st of each year. Those who want to participate, simply create a new character on or after this date.

Older characters that fall out of this window can still be played and will not be deleted. However, they will not be eligible for ladder rewards and player standings. All rankings can be viewed here and you can click -here- to view level 65 rewards. These rewards are subject to change every season. Good luck!

Ladder Leaders as of Monday, October 26th, 2020

• Top 20 characters are displayed •

Ranking Character Level Zone Last Online  
1stSedalia65Plane of Knowledge8/13/2020
2ndXaber65The Ruined City of DranikToday
3rdXealot65Ssraeshza Temple9/25/2020
4Photek26Infected Paw9/02/2020
5Twangs23Castle Mistmoore7/14/2020
6Aereas15The Mines of Gloomingdeep8/06/2020
7Sarkhis14Kurn's Tower8/19/2020
8Edward13Highpass Hold9/17/2020
9Taipo13The Bazaar7/16/2020
10Silat11Greater Faydark8/02/2020
11Cenn10Northern Felwithe1 month ago
12Lana10Surefall Glade7/29/2020
14Amare7Surefall Glade1 month ago
15Malliren6Dagnor's CauldronToday
16Xaren6Surefall Glade7/14/2020
17Drab5East Commonlands9/18/2020
18Mcstubs5Greater Faydark1 month ago
19Malakbel4Greater Faydark1 month ago
20Silain4Everfrost2 days ago