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Moonstones and Traveling

by angelox

Originally, the plan was to eliminate all teleporter NPCs, Books, Scions, etc. and return to the boats. It was nice to be able to stand at the docks and wait for the boat one more time. My first idea was that the ships themselves were teleporters:

Glorin Binfurr says,"Pleasure to meet you. Keep your eye out for the ship. You don't want to miss it."
You say, "What ship?"
Glorin looks up dreamily...
Glorin says, "Aye, the good ship SirensBane, did us all a great service in her day ..."
You say, "What service?"
Glorin sadly recalls...
Glorin says,"Used to carry many adventurer to the Ocean of Tears, even as far as Freeport."
You say, "carry who?"
Glorin sighs...
Glorin says,"All that's left of her now, is a ghost of a memory ....
You say, "What ghost?"
Walk into the ghost, she might help you get on your way - and don't ever forget the SirensBane ..."

That was my first draft, you jumped into the ship and it teleported you (and you could see the ships sailing again). This eventually evolved into the ship we have now, you can actually ride. Due to the new Titanium graphics, most of the ships were broken, what you see is what we could salvage (be sure to take a running jump in order to get into it).

Although it's nice to ride the boat, after a while it gets old and annoying. And also, bots were implemented which brought in the "#bot gate" from Bot Commands. Once you have gotten to a 20ish level and completed Anita Thrall's gate spell quests (Anita Thrall is located in all starter towns), you are able to move around quicker with the gaters.

Also see: Druid/Wizard Gate and Bard Selos Quests

We also added "Moonstones" as drops off certain mobs throughout Norrath, for those who don't have time to quest:

Ambassador Dvinn Crushboneof the Faydark
Lockjaw Oasis of Marrof the Commons
KrenshinGloomingdeepof the Tox
The Infected Mosquito Cazic Thuleof the Tox
Proon Eastern Plains of Karanaof the Karana
Bloodvein Swamp Of No Hopeof Bone
Burynai Spelunker Kurn's Towerof Bone
Lower Forest Giants Frontier Mountainsof Kunark
Assorted mobs Dalnirof Kunark
Assorted named mobs Crystal Cavernsof Ice
Assorted named mobs Paludal Cavernsof the Tox
Assorted named mobs Tower of Frozen Shadowof Ice

These drops will have the Moonstone related to the area you are in - for example, Crushbone drops the "Moonstone of the Fay" which will gate you to near-by Lesser Faydark. So you still would have to take the boat for long trips. Note - There are more than what you see here, this table is to get you started.

One of the ways to start is to talk to Ranger Band and get to Shadeweaver's Thicket asap. He will give you more information there. Champion Darkwater (Ladder GM) will also offer couple of moonstone quests to get you started as well. Make sure you talk to both for more information.

When a 'Random Moonstone Event' is active, talk to Ranger Band to get started. REMINDER: You have to be participating in the Ladder Rankings to do this event. You also have to be level 20 or below but it's a great way to start collecting moonstones when possible. Otherwise, the alternate way would be to hunt for them. -See above table-

If you start with Moonstone of the Shadeweaver, this will be the earliest usable moonstone (level 5), so you can go and level at shadeweaver's Thicket if you wish to do so. Once you arrive there, make sure you ask about the Moonstone of the Wind quest that will get you back to Norrath.

Champion Darkwater says, "With the magic of a Moonstone in your [possession], you will be able to travel to the land where it was formed."

Final thoughts: You can move around Norrath by boat, moonstones, or gates, but anyway you choose you will have to work for it. Once you obtain level 46, Plane of Knowledge will become accessible(via "#bot gate"), and the books there will teleport you.