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Where to find needed items for Bot Quests?

by angelox

Batwings - Bats! While this quest still works, if you talk to Aediles Thrall, he will give you your first Bot free! Note - As an update to this, you are automatically granted your first bot upon login.

Spider Legs - Thrall will now ask you for different items, according to your character's race, but will still default to spider legs. He will also take spiderling legs, so those who get confused will not get frustrated over it. Note - For zones that have no bats or spiders nearby, there will be an exterminator or guard NPC that will trade items you can find for these needed items.

Cracked Staff - Decaying skeletons are best for these.

Ribcage - Aediles Thrall will accept any ribcage instead of just orc ribcage. However, he will not take any field rat ribcages(too low).

Silver Ring - A good place would be to camp the King at ButcherBlock's Chessboard. Remember that eerie music? Yes, the nostalgia is all there!

Hunting Bow - Aqua Goblins at Dagnor's Cauldron. If this zone has become trivial to you, then places like Lake of Ill Omen have goblin hunters that drop these.

Blue Diamond - One good place to find them is in Sebilis.

Fire Emerald Ring - Also drops in Sebilis.

'Flow Stones - Drops off the Dragorns in any of the Omen zones.(by 'flow stones, meaning any basic stone ending in "flow stone") For example: Fireflow stone, waterflow stone, bloodflow stone, skyflow stone, etc.

The Evil's Guide to items!

by Scorpia

Batwings - Not needed anymore(see above), but if you like questing; talk to the exterminators in Neriak, you can do a turn in for wings!

Spider Legs - Nektulos spiders.

Cracked Staff - Nektulos decaying skeletons.

Orc Ribcage - Nektulos orcs, albiet very VERY rare. Or try hunting orcs in East Commonlands.

Silver Ring - Dervish in Lavastorm or orcs in East Commonlands.

Hunting Bow - Dervs and orcs in West Commonlands will drop these.