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Bot Raiding Introduction

by angelox

First a quick resume of the bot grouping system:
For example #bot savegroup 21 will save your current group to a different location and can recalled:
#bot spawngroup 21. But since anything above 20 will not affect raid groups, they should only be used for saving different configurations in single group hunting.

-groups with IDs of less than 20 are raid groups and are restricted.
-groups with IDs 20 and over are reserved for single grouping.
-multiple single groups can be saved and bots can be re-used across the single groups.
-#bot spawngroup with no option defaults to GroupID 20.
You can still swap and form raid groups if you want to do it this way (just save the raid groups starting from 0). And you can make make as many hunting groups as you like (just save them to something above 19).

If you just use #bot spawngroup and do everything as before, none of the changes should matter - by this I mean I'm attempting to do this in such a way that the change will be there if you choose it.
But if you can figure all this out, it should be very beneficial.

What I like to do is form a group, and if it works to my approval, I'll save it to the raid/reserverd groups (0-19). For example:
#bot savegroup 0 would be the first group in my raid group. Then I disband and respawn with #bot spawngroup 20 (default single group of bots), which will be the same as what I saved, but here I can add/swap new bots, then save #bot savegroup 1 and up. When it's time to spawn a raid group, I just need use #bot spawnraid and #bot groupraid. Note that any saving of groups under ID 20, does not allow repetitions of the same bot (do that with group IDs over 19).

agroup should be your primary used raiding groups, bgroup and cgroup are intended for backups of different raid configurations. So if you wanted to use cgroup, although you could use it straight up, it's better to save it to agroup, then use agroup. If you are using the new raid group creation system, changes are made to agroup only, so saving to bgroup or cgoup later on would keep the different configuration (for later use), and enable you to make a new configuration with agroup.

This is important to know early on, as you can be creating and equipping assortments of groups as you level, and not be overwhelmed at the time you are creating raid groups.

List of Bot Raid commands

by angelox

Examples on creating Raid groups

by angelox

For raiding, you need to have and be in a full bot group.

Then, issue #bot raid create.

You will receive the message "Your raid has been successfully created".

At that point you need to set up your 2nd group. Spawn your 2nd group leader, target them and use #bot raid group create.

You will receive the message "--Raid--Group leader is Botname".

Then spawn 2nd party member of group 2 and target them and #bot raid invite bot [botgroupleader's name]. You will receive the message "Botname2 says "I have joined Botname's Group". Repeat this process for 3rd-6th party members.
2nd Raid group is complete!

I Recommend using #bot raidsave after every group you setup in case you have any distracting issues before finishing.

Repeat this process for all other Groups you set up. The current Limit is 5 groups, but that can go up or down depending on server issues.

Then every time after that, #bot spawnraid followed by #bot groupraid will spawn all your bots in the raid and then group them into the appropriate groups you have setup and saved. I have a macro set up using:

line1--->#bot spawnraid


line3--->#bot groupraid