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AX Classic EQ

Server Rules

Simply put, play here like you would play on Live! Enjoy hours and hours of fun and help those who are lost and need guidance. With that said, the following activities are not allowed:

AX Classic is different from other servers in that we encourage bot play, LOTS of bot play; Have a full bot group by level 10 and have up to 64 bots by level 65. At level 46, you can start forming bot raids to go places you only dreamed of! Of course, you have to earn these bots by questing for them. You can also do Epic quests for your bots, hunt gear for them, customize, and spawn bots at your leisure. For those who are too busy or don't have time for those long group sessions, nothing is more convenient than logging in, spawning your bot group, and playing at your own pace.

The latest code (already live on Rathe), includes a GM command for turning trivial code to "off" on a player's account. This means that if you are level 51 or greater, you will be able to interact with NPC's vastly lower than you, kill monsters vastly lower than you, as well as heal bots lower than you, etc. To have this enabled, request this from a GM. We understand that having this not turned off is a nuisance for majority of legit players.

Lastly, we take cheating here very seriously and will not tolerate those who do. If you suspect someone of cheating, a video or screenshot may assist us in further investigation. Although these two alone are not enough to warrant suspicious activity, the actions and situation in question will be automatically logged in our database and closely monitored. If you believe your IP has been listed erroneously, contact server administrators for a solution to the problem.